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Just a Test

Don’t mind me. Just trying to figure out how to post to my blog from my crackberry. I’ve figured it out mostly. Just can’t figure out how to post with pics. If anyone out there has some tips or tricks for this, let me know!

November 29th, 2008 / 12 Comments » / by sabine


Camphone 22, originally uploaded by Sabine Dukes.

My laptop is dead…long live my laptop.

Well, less than 24 hours after learning that my laptop would be an expensive fix (i’ve been wanting a new one anyway because all the photo editing has been stretching it the hilt) I bought a new laptop.

I researched, read reviews, comparison shopped, and plunked down the cash within 24 hours!

Thats a new record for me. I don’t make these decisions easily. I usually have to ferret out every piece of information on the subject possible and twist and turn the data and do various scenario analysis and then change my mind 37 times.

But, not having a laptop was a serious hitch in my life. I was motivated. The computer on my desk has spider webs. Thats because sitting at a desk longer than absolutely necessary sucks ass.

I do all my surfing, emailing and photo-ing in 4 places: bed, couch, patio, hotel room.

So I got all impulsive and bought a new one.

And now I am questioning my hasty decision.

Because I did not buy a laptop. Not unless you count Andre the Giant’s lap in the assessment. Its more like a suitcase computer. This thing is HUUUUGE. Michael warned me not to pick it up by the monitor (which probably led to the early demise of my old computer) and my new computer weighs so much that it would give me a hernia to even try.

And I hate Windows Vista.

And stupid controls that don’t let you see hidden files.

And moving the backspace and delete key to new places.

But I LOVE that big ol mackdaddy 17″ widescreen monitor. Not as much as I love chocolate, or Michael, or beer (not necessarily in that order), but its up there.

March 19th, 2008 / 21 Comments » / by sabine